Just a little background information about ME🤗

Starting this blog is just a hobby I want to carry out, and keep my mind busy before I start my full time degree in September!

Well to start off as a little introduction about me, is that I am 24 years young, born in London but have been living in northamptonshire for most of my life. Still a city girl at heart, but love the idea of travelling the world🌎 and matter of fact going to Morocco in September with my partner.. (Can’t wait)!

Yes I am in a relationship, how we met is another blog haha, and very happy I have got someone in my life that makes me so happy, and has got on really great with my family and friends! I have great friends in my life and always have a laugh with them. I am also lucky to have a great best friend who is pretty much my sister👭👸🏼. We work together and study hard together, so lots of similar stresses we go through and help each other out, she is also pretty much my other “half” in girl terms, as she knows me as much as my partner! But it’s great to know I have them in life to help me.

My family is everything (of course), and I have a special bond with my aunts and uncle as they are pretty much, give advice like as if they are my parents. I have a NOT so little sister, as even though she is younger than me, she is nearly as tall as me, and I’m 5ft 7😳. She’s crazy and a lil diva at times (god knows where she gets that from), but she is my sister and love that she is just wanting to be young and enjoy the world.💖 I am blessed to have two mums… no no what I mean by that is, I call my grandma “mum” and my mum by her name. Reasons for that is my business but they are equally close in my life now. Major respect for my mum (*grandma, the titles/names are not confusing for me until I understand who my audience are haha so, sorry in advance) as she made me who I am today, and cannot wait graduate and see her smile, and feel proud of myself that not only did I do it for myself, but for my MUM (grandma to strangers). My grandad is also very important to me and gave me lots of love as a father figure in my life. Blessed to have lots of family everywhere in this world! From the UK🇬🇧 to America🇺🇸.  Oh yeah and if you are wondering, where is this caramel toned young lady from? I was born in London, same for my parents and both grandparents were born in Jamaica🇯🇲. I get asked that ALL the time, so there you go. 🤗

And that’s a “little” background info about me! Hope you enjoyed it and it would be nice to have topics to talk about, so any suggestions, send them my way. Links to my Twitter and Facebook should be below. 💫

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Enjoying my normal, little life through sharing beauty/ fashion and lifestyle blogs 🥂

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