Achievement Unlocked! 

Class of 2017 – University of Bedfordshire👩🏽‍🎓

I am super duper proud of myself, and congrats to everyone else! Woop woop to all the Early Years studies students!!

Maaaaaaaan sometimes I really just wanted to give up and just be like nah, and the amount of times I felt guilty going out or watching tv when I had words to write 😶😳! (I probably will be doing that again, since I am going back to Uni but FULL TIME in September!) 

Since there will be another graduation, I won’t be so in detail with words I want to say, but I do want to thank you a few people. 

Karen My tutor from Level 3 in COLLEGE! And has been very influential in my career path, and helped shaped my decisions in what I would like to do when I graduate next year. She also helped my confidence, and defended me when I needed it, and gave me courage, in that I can graduate… AND I DID! 🤗 love you K! good luck in your future aspirations, you’ll be brilliant, and you’ll never have a student like me, Love Curtis x 

Family, yes I’m proud to say I’m the first Grandchild to graduate (on my Nans side) and since she couldn’t make it, I did think of you! Hopefully you’ll be better for next years one haha! Thank you to my Auntie’s and Uncle’s, mum V. You guys are mental and if all you guys were there I know you would of been chanting loud haha, Thank you Thomas for supporting me, and getting a tie at the last minute! (Yes I was a nervous wreck, and wanted to be coordinated!) 😂 

Friends, thank you for the support, and to the class of 2017… one more cheer *woop woop* 👍🏽 

A special little post to my Best friend ~ Chloe. 👩🏼‍🎓  Thank you for being the person that you are, you’re beautiful, you’re smart 🎓😂, and you are loyal! We support each other in different ways in doing assignments like… “If we do some amount of words, we can go out Saturday night, and then Sunday is just to finish it off” yeah those words never worked… but we went out anyway! 😂 (we did the work in the end HaHa) but that’s how we roll, we get stuck in and get on with it! I will also miss our times of sitting in class, deciding what we will have from mcdonalds! 😅 

I am so proud of you, and can’t wait for us to do it AGAIN NEXT YEAR! 👩🏼‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓 💖✨ 

“Have you started the assignment” 


“Oh good, me either” HaHa 😂 

Again, I am just so happy I have achieved this, and I did it with my best friend… but also on my own! My friends from school have already had this moment, so I am happy I can say I did it too! Nan raised me up, to have goals and ambitions… and this is my first. With want I want to do in life, this degree will get me there, and help make a difference. 

What’s your ambitions? And does education help that? I know for some people it’s not needed, but for MY career path it is, and this is only the beginning! 🙌🏽👩🏽‍🎓✨💖 

Here are some photos from the day! 🍾🎓 


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