Jeffree Star Cosmetics Haul ⭐️

Who else loves a bit of Jeffree Star Cosmetics????! 

I definitely do, and the only reason why I prefer Jeffree to Kylie is that, his products are available on Beauty Bay which distributes in the U.K.! And that’s very handy as I don’t have to wait nearly a whole month, and pay crazy money! Plus Beauty Bay is great, as they deliver the next day, and it your packages come so quickly! 🤗 

So first of all we have another liquid lipstick and this time it’s Designer Blood 💉💄, it was £12.80 and normally they are £16.00… so I had to get it, plus it completes my Blood collection of Jeffree’s, as I have Rich Blood and Unicorn Blood already!

And it does look verrrrry pretty on! Here’s a Celfie 😍….

Next is a reallll Skin Frost Highlighter of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I got the shade King Tut 👑  These on Beauty Bay are £25.50 My goddddd it is massive, but it is such a beautiful colour! ✨

Here are some swatches, and another Celfie! ​🤳🏾


I’m in love with both products and check out Beauty Bay, if you would like to get these or other products, quicker in the UK! Let me know other products to try out on Beauty Bay, and also keep an eye out for September’s GlossyBox blog 💕✨

Also shoutout to #youbetterwork liquid lipstick, it’s soooooo pretty! 

See yah Soon xx

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23 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Cosmetics Haul ⭐️”

  1. I love the lights lipstick, it is a really pretty color. I always go to colors in that shade range I think it looks best on my skin. You’re a very pretty girl! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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