Unboxing January 2018✨

Well it’s already mid January 2018… jeeez that’s gone quick!

I celebrated the New Year with Tom and my family which was great!

Had only a couple weeks break from Uni Work and my gosh, already back on it with assignments!! But my dissertation is ROUND the corner so lots of hard work is in the process!

I have some great ideas for my blog, but again will be concentrating on Uni Work… so not much of a social life haha 😅

My beauty boxes have arrived so let’s see what’s inside!!!

GlossyBox UK 💝

Boots/ Beauty Beneath Supplements – £39.99 (boots.com) Evelyn Iona Cosmetics / Green Tea Primer – £22 (evelyniona.com) Dr Botanicals /Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil – £55/Full Size (drbotanicals.com) Nail Medic / Nail and cuticle energiser – £5.99 (prettywomannyc.com) Apicia/ Cream Blush – £22 (apicia.fr) Now for the Cohorted Box 🖤

Marc Jacobs / Setting Mist – £25 Lancôme/ Renergie multilift (5ml) – £10 Sunday Riley / Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser – £15Urban Veda / Reviving Body wash, body lotion, body scrub – £12.99 each! Skin Chemist / Charcoal peel mask – £39 Wish Formula / The mask with Honey fermented serum – £6 Let me know if you have tried any of these products? And if you are interest in getting one of these boxes checkout their websites!!

www.glossybox.co.ukwww.cohorted.co.uk 💕✨

See you soon xx

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Enjoying my normal, little life through sharing beauty/ fashion and lifestyle blogs 🥂

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