Music Barn Festival 📍Cranford.

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So for quite a bit I have heard of this barn festival that happens in a place called cranford, which isn’t that far for me, and it is a charity event that has happened since 2013! So this year I got some tickets and we went!!!

My partner and I walked to the barn…🌞 but the weather was really nice and had a couple of cans on the way!🤣🍻

Arrived there and straight away there was all ages! Obviously over the age of 18… but there was young people to older people just chilling. Tom wanted to check out the folk band so we chilled there and watched the “humblebees”!

Definitely will go again, the atmosphere was amazing and the drinks were flowing! The walk was heavy with pollen so at one point I just kept sneezing! 😂🤧 but it was great fun!

Had to take some celfies of course!!🧡📸

Snapchat: iweeze ✌🏽🤗

Now for the ootd~✌🏽

Hat: Boohoo

Dress: Portobello Market

Boots: ASOS

Bag: River Island

I went for a boho style and I must say, I love this kind of chic boho look for festivals!! 😍

Are you going to any concerts/ festivals this year, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon! Xoxo

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