My Fenty Beauty Review: Pro filtr concealer and Pro filtr Setting Powder! 🎥❤️

My first Youtube vid on reviewing the Fenty Beauty collection!

Check out the link, and leave your comments/ likes.

Would really love feedback, remember I’m not a professional or claiming to be one! I’m just a beauty blogger who is is fan of the Fenty Beauty collection haha just as a disclaimer, and I’m not sponsored but I’m pretty sure you already knew that! 😂😂


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Part 1…

Part 2…

Thank you again! Xox

Fenty Beauty Review ~ Part 2! ✨

I have been excited to do this blog for quite a while now… haha just been a bit busy in between! 😅 BUT WE ARE HERE… so let’s get into it! 🙌🏽

This time I am reviewing Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle lipstick and the famous Stunna lip paint! ❤️

In the Mattemoiselle lipstick collection, I got; Griselda, PMS, Freckle Fiesta, Clapback and Ma’Damn ✨And the Stunna lip paint in Uncensored! 😍

In between lip searches I used Vaseline and Jeffree Star Cosemetics: Lip scrub!

These colours are normally what I go for in matte lipsticks as I like them with my skin tone, but Freckle Fiesta was a colour I wanted to try!



Freckle Fiesta:



Stunna lip paint:

I am aware I am behind with this review on these lipsticks, but i would say they are comfortable enough to wear all day. Haven’t done a test knowing they are long lasting but they feel light, and not drying!

The one thing I hated about matte lipsticks was the feeling of dryness, and so the Fenty Beauty: Glossbomb ✨was a gift from heaven, and been using that since I stopped wearing matte lipsticks!

Fenty Beauty for me is a great make up collection, as in the photos I am wearing the Primer and Foundation (330)! ❤️

Have you tried the Fenty Beauty make up range, and what’s your ride or die product? And if you disagree, what was the product that made you dislike the range?

Check out my first Fenty Beauty Review, if you haven’t yet? 🙂 Fenty Beauty Review

And the camera 📷 used for these photos is a Canon SX730 HS. 🌟

The jumper in the photos is from H&M 💫

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See you soon 😘 xx

🌈🍭February’s Glossybox! #HappyGalentines 💖💄💋

This months #Glossybox is very exciting!

The box design is very cute and girly, and if you love make up this box is very you! 💄

So let’s see inside!!

CIATÉ LONDON – mini size (£6) /

STEVE LAURANT – Nude pop lip tint (£17) /

STUDIO 10 Beauty – Makeup mist glow- plexion. (Travel size *£14) /

SKIN CHEMIST LONDON – 24 Hour Aqua repair facial serum (Full size £64)

SLEEK MAKEUP – Divine eyeshadow palette (£8.99)

Wow don’t you just love this months box! 💕😍🌹💄💋🍭🌈

If you would love to get a lovely treat every month, then check out their website (UK website) 💋❣️ (No promo, I genuinely love this company!)

Hope you guys and gals have a lovely Valentine’s whatever you are doing, I’m doing Uni Work on the day and then making dinner for Tom! ♥️

#HappyValentines #HappyGalentines 💕

See you soon xx

Unboxing January 2018✨

Well it’s already mid January 2018… jeeez that’s gone quick!

I celebrated the New Year with Tom and my family which was great!

Had only a couple weeks break from Uni Work and my gosh, already back on it with assignments!! But my dissertation is ROUND the corner so lots of hard work is in the process!

I have some great ideas for my blog, but again will be concentrating on Uni Work… so not much of a social life haha 😅

My beauty boxes have arrived so let’s see what’s inside!!!

GlossyBox UK 💝

Boots/ Beauty Beneath Supplements – £39.99 ( Evelyn Iona Cosmetics / Green Tea Primer – £22 ( Dr Botanicals /Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil – £55/Full Size ( Nail Medic / Nail and cuticle energiser – £5.99 ( Apicia/ Cream Blush – £22 ( Now for the Cohorted Box 🖤

Marc Jacobs / Setting Mist – £25 Lancôme/ Renergie multilift (5ml) – £10 Sunday Riley / Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser – £15Urban Veda / Reviving Body wash, body lotion, body scrub – £12.99 each! Skin Chemist / Charcoal peel mask – £39 Wish Formula / The mask with Honey fermented serum – £6 Let me know if you have tried any of these products? And if you are interest in getting one of these boxes checkout their websites!! 💕✨

See you soon xx

December’s Beauty Boxes 📦 ✨

We have got Cohorted and Glossybox ready to be opened, so let’s take a look!

Let’s start with Cohorted ♠️

let’s check out Glossybox‘s treats! check out their websites Glossybox and Cohorted for more info ✌🏽😽

I’ve tried some of the products throughout the month and I must say both boxes have done really well!!! Absolutely love the black whitening toothpaste from Glossybox and the eyeshadow palette, Huda Beauty lip topper and the eyeliner have been great 👍🏽 from the Cohorted box! Happy Holidays 🎄✨ See you soon ❤️

Fenty Beauty Makeup Review!✨

The blog is here, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on #FentyBeauty with you!😍

Can tell by the brush and by the love heart eyes, I am in love with this make up! Not gonna lie when I heard Rihanna was bringing out make up I kind of had bias thoughts in the fact, I was going to love it anyway! BUTTTTT I watched a lot of reviews, and waited a few weeks to buy so I wasn’t just wasting money, I also was excited to try a foundation that finally was for girls with more “colour”!

And I also was excited to try the “Trophy wife” Highlighter ✨ !!!!!!!!!

Pro filt’r soft matte Foundation I got was in #330 👩🏽 and I’m obsessed! Now Sidenote* I would recommend getting the Pro filt’r instant retouch Primer as the foundation didn’t set well with my moisturisers and as soon as I got the primer, the foundation looked flawless!

I wanted to try it out for a few weeks before I did a blog as I knew, there was going to be so much reviews on it already, but for someone who just enjoys buying make up but wants a great foundation to stick with, I definitely recommend the foundation and primer as they are like soul mates together! 💖

The highlight doesn’t even need any words as, what you see is a 1000000x times much better in person! The highlight is perfffeeeeeeccctttt for anywhere on your body, and I like to show my collar bone a lot, it’s perfect on there and shoulders! Of course it’s blinding on your cheeks duhhhh 😂

For prices in the UK 🇬🇧 check out Harvey Nichols website!
For t
on my social media pages >>> Facebook: Louise Curtis


Snapchat: iweeze

But I will add ones without filters, but if you love a Snapchat filter than this make up will literally be your LIFE! 💯

Hope this review helps, and if you have a favourite foundation let me know which brand you swear by?

See you soon 😘 xx

November’s Glossybox✨

Here’s this months #GlossyboxUK…

Right…! Considering this is my Birthday month, I was hoping this box was going to be my favourite, but I was a little disappointed 😔 with this months box! 😢

Normally I absolutely love my Glossyboxes but this months one didn’t really get me excited, the only things I will probably use is the contour/ powder brush and the face mask, even so the brush didn’t excite me really. I already have the define and protect eyebrow powder, and I don’t use eyebrow pencils or any fillers.

Just my opinion on this months, and I’m not going to like E V E R Y T H I N G was just a little sad that my birthday months box was a little boring. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lets have a look inside anyway… 😊

GreenfrogBotanic, Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium and Peppermint / £8.95

BeautyUk Cosmetics, Contour/ powder brush/ £6.99 beautyuk-cosmetics.comSportFX, Candy Floss moisturising lip balm/ £4.99

Collection Cosmetics, Define and perfect eyebrow powder (Dark Brunette) / £4.19, Charcoal and Willow bark sheet mask/ £2.50

Personally the price value of some of these products I would not pay the full value amount, luckily I get it in a box to try out I suppose!

Let me know what you think, and is there another subscription box in the UK 🇬🇧 I could try out? Checkout my other Glossybox blogs and see what you think?

See yah soon 😘 xx

Corhorted ~ November ♠️

Let’s see what’s inside this months Cohorted box! ♠️ Box Value = £109

Plum & Ashby, Honey & Jojoba Hand cream / £15.00< strong>New Cid, I-intense Mascara / £20.00< strong>Figs & Rouge, Flawless canvas balancing primer & colour corrector / £35.00< strong>Lancôme, visionnaire advanced multi correcting cream x2 / £20.00 Lancô< strong>Too Faced, Melted liquefied longwear lipstick / £19.00<<<<<<<<<<<<
ke to receive a luxury subscription box every month, then head to the cohorted website >> or check their social media @cohorted (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) ♠️✨

Thank you for checking out his months edition, keep an eye out for my Glossybox Uk blog, and I have a Fenty Beauty blog coming soon as well!

See yah soon xx😘

October’s battle of the Beauty boxes, Cohorted vs Glossybox🖤📦✨

Wow I love getting these boxes, but coming at the same time I was like YAAAAASSSS! 

So let’s get into it…

Let’s start off with Cohorted 🖤

The Innate Life~ Rose Hair Elixir / £12.00

Pixi by Petra ~ Brow tamer / £12.00 (Also got this in my last Glossybox)

Doucce ~ Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette / £50.00 😱

Clarins ~ Glossybox Prodige / £16.00

Lancôme ~ Advanced genifique x2 / £10.00

Right so let’s get into the GlossyboxUK✨

Sorry guys when opening the box, I accidentally threw my card away with the prices on! So I will show the photos and you can check out the website for further info! 

So this month, it was either Mermaid or Unicorn 🦄 themed! And I got the Mermaid one 🐬! 

Love this Revolution Eyeshadow palette! 

Bang Beauty – Dolce Pink (Cream colour) 

Sleek Makeup ~ creme to powder blush / Gerbera 

Lord & Berry ~ #1706 Brunette Magic Brow pencil.

Kawai ~ Brush Cleanser 

So that’s the two boxes opened! And I can’t wait to try these products out… very exciting times! 💖👏🏽

I am happy with the Cohorted box, and I did like some of my products, I was eager to use the Benefit Roller lash Mascara, but it was broken 💔! 

This is what I received in my September’s box… 🖤📦

And Back to Glossybox, they reminded me of it being a year since I subscribed, and they gave me a little gift 💝 #Howcute 

Now can’t wait to see what’s in next months box, as it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! 🎂🎉🎈#scorpios 

See yah soon xx 

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