Anfield Stadium Tour📍Liverpool

So last year my partner got tickets to the Anfield stadium tour, for his birthday from his work. And on the 2nd August we went to LIVERPOOL🙌🏽 it was my first time going to Liverpool and seeing the centre, and also the fact I’m not a football supporter it was nice seeing my partners football teams stadium!

So we travelled from Manchester to Liverpool on the coach and it took an hour and 10 mins to arrive in the city centre of Liverpool. From the city centre we got a bus and that took 30 mins to arrive at Anfield!

So we arrived at the stadium and we saw the Paisley Gates straight away! I must say the stadium is HUGEEEEEE 😱 and for anyone who supports Liverpool as a football team I could imagine the excitement when arriving and going into the Stadium. You get given these tablets and free headphones with the LFC logo on them, and my partner was excited to keep them haha. 😂

The Stadium tour is a self guided tour, and by all the photos you’ve seen it was a great time!

My partner listened on a podcast about this murial of a player right next to the tour. And wow it looks amazing!!

After the tour we went back to the city centre and did a little bit of exploring!

Definitely want to go back to Liverpool as there was so much to do, we was able to get a bite to eat and this place was called The Yard and Coop… omg if you haven’t been there you need to go!! The music amazing, the food amazing and the gin cocktail I had … AMAZING!!!

Had a lovely time in Liverpool, thanks for checking out my blog! ❣️

See you soon xoxo