MASKTIME unboxing | February 2020 💖

HEYAAAAA… errrybody. I know this blog might seem like I’ve neglected it but I haven’t… been sooooo busy but I will post now and again when I get the chance hahaa!

Soooo I started up a monthly subscription with @masktimeuk their website is 💖 I ordered the £9.99 monthly one which you get 4 sheets masks which are all Korean which are the best for the skincare! I thought it’s a nice little treat every month and products that I actually will use as well!

I have a January unboxing video on my YouTube channel: ljcurtis92! Link is with the images below! 😊💖

And my recent video the February unboxing video, link is below! 👏🏽

February 2020 February’s video
January 2020 January’s video

Hope you enjoyed and leave some comments/ likes on the videos if you also have this subscription or would like to get one! See you soon! 😘 xx

🌈🍭February’s Glossybox! #HappyGalentines 💖💄💋

This months #Glossybox is very exciting!

The box design is very cute and girly, and if you love make up this box is very you! 💄

So let’s see inside!!

CIATÉ LONDON – mini size (£6) /

STEVE LAURANT – Nude pop lip tint (£17) /

STUDIO 10 Beauty – Makeup mist glow- plexion. (Travel size *£14) /

SKIN CHEMIST LONDON – 24 Hour Aqua repair facial serum (Full size £64)

SLEEK MAKEUP – Divine eyeshadow palette (£8.99)

Wow don’t you just love this months box! 💕😍🌹💄💋🍭🌈

If you would love to get a lovely treat every month, then check out their website (UK website) 💋❣️ (No promo, I genuinely love this company!)

Hope you guys and gals have a lovely Valentine’s whatever you are doing, I’m doing Uni Work on the day and then making dinner for Tom! ♥️

#HappyValentines #HappyGalentines 💕

See you soon xx

November’s Glossybox✨

Here’s this months #GlossyboxUK…

Right…! Considering this is my Birthday month, I was hoping this box was going to be my favourite, but I was a little disappointed 😔 with this months box! 😢

Normally I absolutely love my Glossyboxes but this months one didn’t really get me excited, the only things I will probably use is the contour/ powder brush and the face mask, even so the brush didn’t excite me really. I already have the define and protect eyebrow powder, and I don’t use eyebrow pencils or any fillers.

Just my opinion on this months, and I’m not going to like E V E R Y T H I N G was just a little sad that my birthday months box was a little boring. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lets have a look inside anyway… 😊

GreenfrogBotanic, Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium and Peppermint / £8.95

BeautyUk Cosmetics, Contour/ powder brush/ £6.99 beautyuk-cosmetics.comSportFX, Candy Floss moisturising lip balm/ £4.99

Collection Cosmetics, Define and perfect eyebrow powder (Dark Brunette) / £4.19, Charcoal and Willow bark sheet mask/ £2.50

Personally the price value of some of these products I would not pay the full value amount, luckily I get it in a box to try out I suppose!

Let me know what you think, and is there another subscription box in the UK 🇬🇧 I could try out? Checkout my other Glossybox blogs and see what you think?

See yah soon 😘 xx

September’s GlossyboxUK 🍂

So here we are in the 9th month of the year already!! 😱 But it’s okay… we have one solution dealing with it! 

Unboxing #GlossyboxUK!!! Yaaay 🙋🏾

So let’s start with the Siigel Blender – Clear ~ £5.99 / Stylondon Can’t wait to try this beauty!

Pixi by Petra – Brow Tamer ~ £12/

MONU firming Fiji facial Oil ~ £26 /

Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio ~ (Skin cleanser £14.99, Moisturising cream £8.99, Moisturising Lotion £14.99) /

Flavoured Natural Whitening Toothpaste ~ £5 / Comment below if you would like results, or let me know if you love this product, anything whitening my teeth I’m up for haha!

Oh yeah and how could I forget, this little treat🍫?! Unfortunately I am a weirdo and don’t really like chocolate, prefer crisps!! Haha, this can go to Tom ❤️

Guess what guys and gals, I have another subscription box coming your way soon! And I will be going on holiday SATURDAY 23rd!! 🌞 can’t wait to just relaaax and soak up the sun! 🤗🕌🍹👙

See yah soon xx

June’s Glossybox 💫

This months Glossybox is pretty exciting!

I’ve always borrowed my friends hairspray so think they will appreciate I’ve got my own hahaa😂 

There was also a novel by Louise Pentland (Wilde like me) I’m not really a reader📚 and when I do read it’s anything to children’s stories at work, or Uni research. 

Anyway let’s see what’s inside!!!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics- Sheer Glo

Batiste – Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray

Himalaya – Purifying Neem Face Wash

Sleek Makeup – Power plump Lip Crayon

111 Skin – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel

BeautyPro – Black Diamond peel off face mask

Take a look into my May’s Glossybox, and if you love getting a treat every month, I would definitely look into subscription box, do your research first as some might benefit you more, and also make sure they deliver to your country! 👍🏽

Glossybox is great for me as it’s a mixture of makeup and skincare, and not too much hair care! 😄

Can’t wait to try the black peel off face mask, peel off ones are my favourite, think it’s the peeling but I like ha! 🙋🏽 

Any more information on #Glossybox’s then just ask! 👌🏽💫